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Hair transplant cost Sweden

Hair transplant cost in Sweden follows the trend of prices in the rest of Europe meaning that the cost is rather high as compared to other countries. Hair restoration surgery has been one of the major upcoming fields in the medical profession. There is usually a research phase before every other medical procedure that you get or are going to get. This is also exactly the case with this particular procedure. In every research procedure, the most important aspect is cost. So with that in mind let’s take a detailed look at this aspect of it in this context.

Fue Fut hair restoration cost Sweden


Hair transplant cost Sweden

Hair transplant cost in Sweden as explained before is rather expensive as compared to the other world. But if the comparison is between the European countries only then the cost is in the middle i.e not too expensive and not too cheap. The average Hair restoration price in Sweden is approximately 3200 euro which is about 3600 USD. In comparison, the average price of the procedure in Germany is between 4500 to 5000 Euros which are roughly equal to 5100 to 5600 USD. Similarly in France, the cost is 5600 USD and in Italy, it fluctuates between 4500 to 9000 USD. These are all higher but there are also countries that have lower prices such as in the UK in which it can go as low as 1200 USD and Portugal where the price is 2300 USD.

 1000 grafts  29000 SEK 29 SEK per graft
 2000 grafts  50,000 SEK 25 SEK per graft
 3000 grafts 60,000 SEK 20 SEK per graft

Now if we compare the cost of hair transplants in Sweden to other countries besides Europe we might find that in  comparison the prices are high in Sweden. If we come to countries like Pakistan the average price is about 800 USD which is very low in comparison. Similarly in India, the price is about 1060 USD. If we move to more developed countries in Asia like China the price fluctuates around 2500 USD, in Russia, it is about 1350 to 2800 USD. If we move to places like Australia and the USA the prices there are much higher. In Australia, it might cost around 17000 USD and in the USA from anywhere between 4000 to 15000 USD which are really expensive. So we can clearly see that the decision of getting the procedure done will depend on where you actually live.

Price comparison with Pakistan 

 1000 fue follicles   10,000 SEK 10 SEK per graft
 2000 Follicles  16000 SEK 8 SEK per graft
 3000 follicles  18000 SEK 6 SEK per follicle 

Cost of hair transplant in Sweden is high but if you live in countries like France or Italy it might be worth it to take a trip for your treatment. From all of the above information, it is pretty obvious that Sweden won’t be the first choice for hair restoration surgery especially if you live in Asian countries where you can find very cheap institutions for it. If you live in this country and can’t really afford the treatment it might be best for you to look at other alternatives with low prices and if you are in countries like the USA or Australia it is better that you get the procedure done from here rather than those countries. In the end, it is safe to say that the cost in Sweden is not a one that would leave you begging for money but there are other better alternatives available and in light of that Sweden should also adjust its prices to keep up with the competition. Medical tourism is becoming popular and many patients travel to Pakistan for an affordable and economical prices. If you want to get an instant response , send us your hair loss area photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and get an estimate of grafts and price abroad.

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