Hair Transplant Dallas TX

Getting a hair transplant in Dallas TX could be a tricky task especially if you do not have any know-how of the hair transplant procedures. This industry has evolved into a highly competitive one, with various kinds of transplants at offer, it has become quite a task to choose the right one for yourself. Certainly, various things need to be monitored before you come-up with a principle decision. Therefore, having some information regarding the matter before going for the surgery is a must

So, if you are a Texan, and are wishing to get a hair transplant in Dallas TX, then you have arrived at the right place. The two major types of hair transplants usually offered are the FUT (strip) and FUE methods. The former is a highly conventional method of hair restoration. Strips of skin from the strong hair areas on an individual’s head are removed through a complicated and delicate surgery. These are then applied onto the weak hair/ bald areas of the patient’s head. The application of the strip assists in the regeneration of dead hair cells in the bald areas, eventually leading to re-growth of hair in the balder areas. The FUE is a relatively recent process if held in comparison with the FUT. Though the procedure is fairly similar, the results may be astonishingly different. The FUE is thought to be a much more accurate method. It involves removal of grafts of hair from stronger areas and then emplacing them on the weaker areas. The aim of the whole process is the same, but as individual follicles of hair can be placed on the weak areas as per requirement, the results seem to be more precise.

As mentioned before, hair transplant is a very sensitive procedure, and even the slightest mistake could be very costly. If the surgery is not performed properly, and care of hygiene is not taken, then the patient might have to undergo a few very serious side effects. This includes itching in the head and rashes. In worse cases, bleeding is also a phenomenon seen quite often. Therefore, care and precautionary measures must be taken before getting the surgery. However, the results from a successful surgery are jaw-dropping. Most of the clients are able to re-gain their natural hair looks, especially if they go for the FUE method. In addition to the results, the recovery time from the FUE surgery is very swift. Since stitches are not involved, most patients are fit to get back to their work by the next day. The cost of getting a hair transplant in Dallas TX is highly variable. It usually depends on the number of grafts placed, so the cost for a totally bald person would be higher than for someone with patches of hair loss. Generally, a graft costs $3 to $5 in case of FUT and $6 to $8 for the FUE.

By now, you would have understood why getting a hair transplant in Dallas TX is a dodgy job. The optimum method varies from person to person and could only be suggested by a surgeon after a thorough examination. Therefore, it is suggested that in addition to this information, you should visit a few clinics in order to get answers to the queries that you have in your mind.

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