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Hair transplant donor area regrowth


Some people ask the doctors about hair transplant donor area regrowth because not everyone has knowledge about transplant results and effects and they have a misconception that hair might not regrow in the donor zone after pulling follicles from that part but it’s obvious if you are taking follicles from the healthy zone to put into recipient area for the growth of the healthy follicles. Hair will naturally regrow at the donor zone too by the natural process.

Hair transplant donor area regrowth in FUE technique 

Extracting follicles from the healthy donor zones does not affect the growth of that portion. But this theory does not work for all the treatments. Hair does not grow again in some surgeries but FUE is the best example to satisfy the clients and generally reproduce at the donor site. It depends upon the surgical procedure you have chosen. There are two basic procedures for the extraction. One is strip surgery and the other is the Follicular unit extraction technique.

Hair transplant donor area regrowth

FUT donor area growth timeline

In the first method, surgeons placed stitches to close the incision. It promotes the skin wound healing and it takes seven to eight days to remove the stitches. Surgeons always cover the operated area with stitches and bandages for the healing of the part. A fine line  appears after the operation in some patients but is unseen because it gets covered by the hair in the surrounding zone. Hair transplant donor area regrowth occurs around usually three to four weeks. It starts to regrow when the marks or scars at the donor site gets resolved. The doctor also prescribes pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medicine. You will get new hair in 2-3 months.

In the second surgical method, stitches are not required. The surgeon shaved the donor area to obtain follicle but it leaves scars after the surgery but it is considered the best method for harvesting new follicles because it is an easy to do and less time-consuming process. The consultant also gives post-operative instructions to the patient for a quick recovery. Within 6 to 9 months, strong hair is produced through this transplant procedure, and with over  time these will grow in length at hair transplant donor area regrowth. The patient should keep the area clean by doing regular shampoo with both implanting strategies for the improvement of wound restoration.

Hair transplant donors area regrowth is very promising along with the hair growth of the recipient part by the transplant surgeons. Patients should not bother about it. These words are well written in the consulting paper that must be given to the clients before having the transplantation. These promising points comfort the patient in the decision making whether he or she should undergo the procedure or not and this also encourages to build a trustworthy relationship between the physician and the patient. FUE has unlimited benefits so it gets popular all over the world. Hair growth time varies in a person’s condition and health of the scalp. Fresh fruits, juice, milk, and vitamins are useful in getting growth before the given duration. Still you have any query in mind, you may aske by calling or sending pictures through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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