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Hair transplant Malaysia cost

Hair Transplant in Malaysia cost is the first thing which comes into the mind of the Malaysian people when someone decides to undergo the treatment. With the advancement in latest technologies and in medical science and surgery procedures the standards and quality have increased and Cost being directly proportional to them also has increased. Previously People that face hair deficiency and baldness used Hair Tonics and other hair surgical methods to get their Hairs back but these methods failed to produce some quality results but with new methods coming such as FUT and more recently FUE now People are more comfortable with the quality and results due to less pain and more natural look. These Methods are being popular day by day in Developed countries and as well as also in Developing countries.

People who can afford its treatment are highly concerned about the cost, results and procedure which they have to follow. Malaysia is a country that has a very high human development index and has some high standards of medical healthcare. There are a number of best clinics in the Malaysia with best standards of Procedure, Equipment and Highly Qualified Surgeons. The Physicians and Surgeons have been tested and verified through a number of examinations and testing before being allowed to practice in the field.

 If we talk about the Hair Transplant in Malaysia cost than its cost has evolved over the years but it is directly proportional to the Quality, Treatment procedure, Surgeon Experience and the Goals of the Patient which means the quantity of hairs and grafts that a patient wants to transplant. These are the factors that are directly related to the treatment however there are some indirect factors too such as the Post treatment use of Antibiotics and travelling costs. FUE treatment however is more expensive than FUT due to its more natural results and painless procedure.

People who want to know the Hair Transplant in Malaysia cost with these methods have options to choose some of the best clinics in Malaysia but one needs to know that while choosing the clinic and surgeon cost may be their first priority but they also needs to verify the Surgeons Qualification and Experience, Patients reviews and ratings, Location of the Clinic and the technology being used.

In Developed countries the cost is more affordable to more number of people than in developing and under-developing countries. Malaysia is a country with high rate of employment and working class individuals so its average cost is affordable to the majority of People in Malaysia. Clinic staff can give you the idea of your treatment at the time of appointment by examining your head and also by seeing your Head photos from various angles. So as we have discussed cost varies due to certain factors but the average cost is between RM 7,000 to RM 20,000.

To discuss the Hair Transplant in Malaysia cost and its treatment approach a patient is given the appointment physically or via video conferencing for the consultation with the Physician and expert doctor. After all the discussion and consultation an exact quotation will be extracted. Some of the best clinics offers some others treatment too such as Eyebrow and Beard transplant also. Many people contact with us through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 to our clinic abroad and get an estimate of grafts and price. We offer mega session of hair restoration through FUE method in 4000 MYR. Medical tourism is an emerging field where patients travel abroad and get treatments at an affordable price and return to their home country. This way they can save more than 50% to 60% money while surgeons and clinics abroad are providing excellent services and results.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Get 3000 grafts in single session?

Yes it is possible to get 3000 grafts in single session provided you have enough donor area in the back and sides of head.

What is the cost range of 3000 grafts in Malaysia?

The price for 3000 grafts in Malaysia is 10,000 to 15,000 RM. Many patients travel abroad to get low cost or affordable FUE procedure at our clinic where 3000 grafts cost is 4000 to 5000 RM.

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