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Hair transplant New York

Hair transplant in New York is not an uncommon surgery. Basically, it is defined as a surgical process carried out to remove hair from an area of the scalp where it is permanent means where there is no hair loss (donor area), to the hair loss areas on the front, top, or crown of the scalp (recipient area). The hair will keep growing for a person’s lifetime after the surgery is done. In New York, mainly two techniques are being used for hair restoration; FUT and FUE. It is a general observation that by FUT the most donor hair is yielded. So, for an extensive hair loss and in cases where the main concern is to get maximum donor supply, this technique is considered the best. It also has a limitation that it leaves a line scar in the donor area. The patients desiring to keep their hair very short after the surgery or who can’t avoid strenuous activities in the post-op period should opt for FUE. Younger patients generally like to have flexible styling options, so they mostly choose FUE, whereas the patients who would like to have the most coverage usually opt for FUT.

Hair transplant in New York is an elective procedure for many people but regardless of how much they want to have surgery, they must fulfill a number of basic criteria to determine if they are actually suitable for the surgical process. Like they must be diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (common genetic hair loss) or another condition that requires this surgery. A sufficient hair loss that affects the aesthetic appearance of patients and their having adequate donor hair to satisfy current and future needs, makes them suitable candidates for the transplant surgery. A transplant is not advised in patients younger than 25 because, when a person is young, it is difficult (or impossible) for a physician to determine the boundaries of the permanent zone and if the donor area will be stable over time or not.

The cost of hair transplant in New York primarily depends on how many hair are needed to be moved in order to get the results that are satisfactory. The first and foremost obstacle to hair restoration surgery for many people in New York is how much it would cost because they really think it as a luxury instead of necessity. So, it is important to know the general price of the procedure beforehand. The price for the whole procedure of hair restoration may be as low as $4,000 and it can get up to $15,000, as for predicting the actual price a number of factors are to be taken into account like the choice of technique and location of clinic etc.

Hair transplant in New York, like all other surgeries, is also not free of the risk. The risks of infection and bleeding can always be expected . In some cases, there is also a risk that surgery may leave scars like in case of FUT. Some people have also reported to experience infection or inflammation in their hair follicles (folliculitis), when the new hair starts to grow after the surgery. But antibiotics and compression can easily get rid of this problem. You must consult your doctor to know about the risks and the extent of improvement you would get after the surgery is completed. Medical tourism is an emerging field where many patients travel abroad to our clinic where they get mega session of follicular unit extraction around 1000$ including hotel and laboratory tests. There are many skilled and well know surgeons who offer economical packages in different countries. Those who want to get FUE mega session may contact through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999