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Hair transplant Pasrur


Hair transplant Pasrur Sialkot patient got 2709 grafts for frontal baldness treatment through follicular unit extraction technique. The main cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and male sex hormone acts on the roots of the follicles for miniaturization and ultimately shedding. We can not control genetic code at the moment however, we can delay expression, progression of the process so that one can enjoy a full head of hair  through various treatment options. Although there are many clinics and doctors who have started hair restoration surgery in small cities and many clinics also run by the quacks or technicians and produce bad results. Many educated and qualified persons usually search from the internet for the best surgeon so that they can get excellent results and not become victims of the procedure. 

Fue hair transplant Pasrur Sialkot

Hair transplant Pasrur patient travelling to Lahore  

Mr. Abdur Rehman searched us from the internet and saw many before and after results. After completing his research he contacted us through WhatsApp and sent his hair loss area photos as well as back & sides of the head. Our professional staff recommended two procedures to cover his full baldness. It was planned that the first procedure will cover the frontal half of the head and one year later the crown area or top part of the head will be covered with another procedure. We gave him an initial grafts estimate of 2500 to 3000 for the frontal zones. Some routine laboratory tests and precautions we sent him through WhatsApp and the patient got these reports from his native town and sent us back. 
It was difficult for the patient to visit for consultation so we gave him all the necessary information online. The patient reserved his procedure date 05th April 2023 and came to the clinic at 9:30 am for his Fue procedure. He met the doctor where our consultant explained to him details of the procedure and a few questions were asked by the patient and our surgeon replied to all his queries. The consultation took 30 to 40 minutes and procedure preparation started. After making initial marking & designing, procedure is extracted in the operation theater. It took six hours to complete the whole procedure of extraction and grafts placement into the marking area. 

Hair transplant Pasrur Sialkot patient details 

Procedure date05 April 2023
Patient age  30 years
PlanFrontal area
Donor areaBack & sides
TechniqueMicro FUE
Punch size0.8 mm
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact +923334309999

Hair loss Pasrur patient

Full head baldness before

hair transplant Pasrur patient marking

Donor area marking before Fue procedure

Grafts details 

 Total grafts Single  Double Triple Day 
 2709 933 1199 577 1 day

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