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Hair transplant Singapore cost


Hair transplant cost in Singapore primarily depends on how many hair are needed to be moved in order to get the results that are satisfactory. The first and foremost obstacle to hair restoration surgery for many people in Singapore is how much it would cost because they really think it as a luxury instead of necessity. So, it is important to know the general price of the procedure beforehand. The price for the whole procedure of hair restoration may be as low as $6,000 and it can get up to $12,000, as for predicting the actual price a number of factors are to be taken into account.

Hair transplant Singapore cost

It is particularly important to keep this thing in mind while establishing an overall average price of the complete procedure, it is standard practice that prices are calculated for the surgery on a per/graft basis. In Singapore, the per/graft price has an average of $6 – $9 per graft for manual FUE and $10 – $12 per graft for ARTAS Robotic FUE depending on the clinic and where it is located in the country. Additionally, a session fee is also included while calculating the overall price according to the general practice. Generally, the cost of medicines, equipment and all other expenses that operating theater has to bear are included in the session fee. Another factor that accounts for hair transplant cost in Singapore is the choice of technique like  FUT or FUE technique and in FUE, there are further two techniques Manual and ARTAS Robotic. Number of sessions required for the whole process and the clinic’s fee structure are also the factors in variability of hair transplant cost in Singapore.

It has already been mentioned that the most significant factor that will decide the cost of this surgery is  how many grafts you will be needing for the whole procedure? It is a common observation that most patients don’t know the number of grafts it takes to fill a hair loss region. If you want to know how many grafts you would need keep the following ”rule of thumb” in your mind: “Hair loss region that is the same as the size of your fist would take almost 1,500 grafts to fill”. This rule will give you a relatively accurate estimate. The second factor is the choice of technique and since FUE is the most advanced technique, it usually costs more. Sometimes, FUE technique is more cost-effective for smaller hair loss regions. To know how many number of sessions you will require keep in mind that most clinics routinely transplant 1,500 – 3,000 grafts per session.

Hair transplant cost in Singapore has a little degree of variance even after taking into account all the mentioned factors because some clinics may provide discounts or may charge some extra money in the name of laboratory chargers or something else. Ultimately, you should focus more on getting the best results rather than just seeking the lowest price. After all, the purpose is to get satisfying results and have great looking hair and above all to make you feel better about yourself. There is recent trend called medical tourism where many patients travel abroad for an affordable and cheap procedure from best surgeon or doctor. Recently patients started to travel Pakistan as cheapest hair restoration surgery destination in the world where one can get an average procedure around 1000 $ US including hotel stay, laboratory tests and medicines. To get an estimate one may send hair loss or baldness area photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and get an instant reply from our expert doctor.

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