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Hair transplant surgery cost

Hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan depends upon various factors, however, the average range is 40,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee. The first thing that would probably come up to your mind when you think of getting a surgical hair loss treatment is the price. With the number of clinics increasing, it has become quite a challenge to answer this question with a lump sum and consolidated figure when someone asks this question. Various prices are offered based on which treatment is being chosen, the condition of the case and the surgeon who performs the operation.

Hair transplant cost in Lahore – FUE & FUT techniques

The two main types of transplants offered in Pakistan are FUE and FUT (strip) methods, and the cost differs in both the methods. However, the pricing mechanism is usually the same. A price is charged based on the number of grafts or follicles that are being planted. Graft is the technical term and simply meaning is root and these are separated from strips of skin during the FUT transplant procedure, whereas follicles are individual units of hair that are extracted and then replanted as part of the FUE surgery method. Generally, a price of Rs 60 per graft (or follicular unit) is charged. After a detailed examination of an individual’s head, the number of grafts required to fill the bald area are suggested. Thus, the surgery would cost you in accordance with the density of bald or weak area on your head.

 FUT technique  Price
 1 graft   30 Rs p
 2000 grafts   60,000 Rs
 3000 grafts  90,000 Rs

Though the hair transplant cost in Lahore is primarily dependent on the number of grafts required to be planted, one can still derive that FUE is a relatively costly procedure than FUT. This is due to various reasons. Although hair restoration surgery as a whole are a delicate procedure, FUE is a much more fragile and sensitive process as it includes extraction of single follicles. This not only requires high precision of the doctor performing the operation but also needs assistance of highly technical tools and equipment. These prerequisites of high skill levels of the surgeon and modern equipment makes this somewhat more expensive than its counterpart. FUT on the other hand has been in the market for quite some time now. The medications and tools required to perform this kind of surgery such as anesthesia are now easily available in local markets. Surgeons with expertise of performing this type of surgery are also in abundance in the market. A combination of these reasons results in the lower cost of the FUT method. For a generic idea, we can say that on an average the FUT would cost a maximum of PKR 75,000, whereas the FUE could at maximum cost you Rs. 150,000

 F.U.E. technique  Price
 1 graft  50 Rs per graft 
 1000 grafts  50,000 Rs
 2000 grafts X 40  80,000 Rs
 3000 grafts X 40  120,000 Rs
 PRP   Included in the package 

As mentioned before, hair transplant cost in Lahore could be highly variable. In order to gain as many clients as possible, hair clinics offer highly competitive prices. However, determining the final amount cannot be possible unless the surgeons themselves examine the patient’s condition. If the patient merely has patches of baldness on his head, the cost would be substantially lower, however if the situation is worse, with a full bald head, the cost can be higher based on what method of surgery is being used. If you want to get an estimate of grafts & price , send your baldness photos through WhatsAppp +92-333-430-9999 and our professional and experienced surgeon will give you an honest advice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get a quality hair restoration procedure at an affordable price in Lahore?

Yes it is possible as sometimes there are special promotions and packages where you can get surgical hair loss treatment in an affordable price.