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Hair transplant whole head


whole head baldness coverage in Lahore Pakistan

Can a hair transplant cover your whole head? Many people lose their hairs and then get transplanted by surgeons. Many of them like actresses, actors, singers, players and politicians have this problem and use other accessories to hide their baldness. They use foundation cream, wig and bandana to hide their baldness but this is not a permanent solution of alopecia. Those who want to transplant their hairs are worried about its after results. When a bald person tries to convince himself for transplantation many questions may come into his mind like: Is  transplantation a permanent solution of alopecia? Can we get natural look after transplantation? can we cover our whole head via  transplantation? These are very common questions and people want to know the answer of these questions in yes or no. But this is not enough to treat the matter. So this article will highlight the questions deeply and will cover the reasons about yes or no.

What  transplantation requires

Hair transplantation is simply a technique which is used to transfer  follicles from Donor to recipient area. A transplantation requires:

transplantation technique has many complications so it requires a qualified and experienced doctor

Recipient area

It is the part of the scalp which is bald or diffuse thinning of hairs. It can be:

  • The frontal area of scalp

  • Temporal area

  • Top of the scalp

  • The whole scalp

The Side and back part of the scalp is thick hairs. Above three mentioned hair loss can be mediated by  transplantation because they have donor sites. Now let’s come to know about the donor site.

Donor site

Donor site is the area from which  follicles would be transplanted to the recipient area. IN most cases the donor side is the back and sided part of the scalp because they are thick. So for  transplantation patients should have a donor and recipient site. Now to answer the question can we cover our whole head? is very easy. So  transplantation is the transfer of hairs. If something is not existing then how is it possible to transfer it to someone else. If someone has no hair on the top and side areas of the scalp then how it is possible to transfer it to the recipient area. So in whole scalp hair loss donor area is lacking and it will not be possible to transplant the whole head. And  cloning is also not possible yet. But there’s a quote: where there is no way there is hope’

Thanks to nature that everyone has dihydrotestosterone resistant part of scalp and no one gets completely bald scalp

So we can transform this question into new one that is can  transplantation cover your large hair loss? And the answer is yes. Which is very pleasing for the patient but no one can get the natural look due to the very small donor area. Now what are the methods which can be used for this type of loss. There are two methods which can be used for any type of baldness in transplantation. Follicular unit extraction method and follicle unit transplant method and both are applicable.


So, if you are a whole scalp bald person then no need to worry about this problem. Experienced surgeons are here to meet people’s needs. It may not be possible to get a natural look but experienced and qualified surgeons have other ways to effuse yourself from this problem.

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