Hair Transplants Canary Islands

Hair transplants in Canary Islands, a Spanish autonomous territory in the Atlantic Ocean close to Morocco, have gained extreme popularity over the recent past. The major reason for this has been the increasing concern of people regarding their looks and beauty, a curiosity that has been gaining popularity progressively around the world. To ensure people do not lose their self-esteem by considering themselves as ugly due to baldness, various hair clinics have opened up, offering different types of hair transplants in Canary Islands.

As in many other parts of the world, the two major types of hair restoration procedures offered in Canary Island are FUE and FUT (Strip Method). The latter is a conventional and accustomed technique which has been in the market for quite some time now. It revolves around extraction of skin strips consisting of hair follicles and grafts from the stronger areas of the patient’s head, and then using the strip to cover the bald area or the area affected by hair loss. This method often receives criticism as it has numerous threats and side effects attached. If the surgery is not performed with precision, the patient may have to undergo horrendous side effects like itching on the scalp, and in worse cases, bleeding could also occur. In comparison to this, FUE is thought of as a much safer method. The reason being involvement of less surgical tools and operations. FUE does not require stitches as only single grafts of hair are uprooted and placed onto the weaker areas. Since it is perceived as a safer method, most of hair transplants in Canary Island are performed through the FUE.

Cost of hair transplants in Canary Island are highly variable on a couple of determinants. The first and primary factor affecting the cost of the transplant is the situation of the baldness. As most clinics charge the clients per graft/follicle planted, thus, higher the area of baldness on your head, the higher the cost. On the other hand, for someone with mere patches of bald area on their head, the price quoted would be substantially lower. The second factor affecting the cost of the transplant is the choice of the method. Since FUE is the latest method and requires high skills of the surgeon and assistance of highly technological equipment, surgeons tend to charge a higher price for this method. To give a certain price without examining an individual’s head is impossible, as only the qualified surgeons could determine what price to charge, once a detailed examination of one’s condition has been made. However, based on the general rates, one can say that the FUE may cost 8,000 Euros whereas the FUT could cost nearly 6,000 Euros.

The variety of Hair transplants in Canary Island is confusing for a layman who wishes to regain their hair. The large number of clinics and surgeons available have made it nearly impossible to make a certain decision. However, in order to ensure that the process is held without any hindrances and problems, one should try to conduct some research and find the most suitable surgeon who possesses all the required expertise and also takes into consideration the hygiene standards, while performing the operation, so any dangerous side effects and aftermaths can be avoided.

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