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Hairline lowering surgery


Hairline Lowering Surgery in Lahore Pakistan can be best understood by keeping the following things in mind. Before moving to the transplantation methods, there is a need for an overview regarding the hairlines. It is basically the front of a person’s hair, particularly on the forehead. It varies for both of these generations. This alteration is due to the position, pattern, shape and flow of follicles for both males and females. For the creation of a natural appearance, understanding these differences between men and women is of critical importance in hair lowering surgeries for both males and females. Men and women also differ in ageing pattern and directional flow of follicles. If one’s frontline look dissimilar with others’, he may be doubting if he has the normal or not. If somebody is dealing with unnatural decline or hair loss. Here is a fact that there are so many different types and designs out there for both males and females that it would be hard to keep track of them all.

Hairline Lowering Surgery in Lahore Pakistan is useful for the patients to get rid of their anxieties. The back concepts regarding the frontal line for men and women are discussed here. For a man, it is mostly found further back on the skull than a female one. It produces the appearance of a larger, more prominent forehead for men. It is highlighted even more due to the ageing of hair edges. The second difference is due to the shape. Nonetheless of the position, the shape is dissimilar as well. A man naturally has receded shrines that can give the hair edges an “M” shape. On the other hand, the female hair pattern is typically oval-shaped. Later one is smoother and full around the facial edge. The temporal area is the most important area. As it is a hallmark of woman beauty, the shape of the outer temple area is mainly important.

Hairline Lowering Surgery in Lahore Pakistan can be done with another method. It is called Hair Transplant. In this method the following procedure should be followed. Only the receding temples (or M shaped area) have to be filled. No as such lowering is needed. After a surgical forehead reduction, often one still has declining temples that can be filled with transplants (less transplants needed). After that the next step comes which is covering the hairline procedure scar. Mostly, the scar from a forehead reduction becomes as good as invisible after a year. Yet, there are some patients whose scar remains visible. It can always be hidden by placing a few implants over and before the scar. The next method is two stages which can be done with tissue expander. The first step is large advancement. There would be a lot of tension on the wounds if the hair edges would be advanced for more than 1 to 5 cm. It can cause a wide scar. Its resolution could be a balloon implanted beneath the skin on the back side of the head. The balloon will steadily be filled with water, causing the creation of new hair-bearing skin. This new skin allows for the tension-free removal of the non-hair-bearing skin to lower the hair edges. The next step is High receding temples. Very tight scalp that would barely give way to any improvement with the hair edges lowering technique in only one stage.

Who can get from this procedure?

Hairline lowering surgery in Lahore Pakistan is performed for male and female patients by foreign trained specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. 

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To get an appointment for free consultation and evaluation you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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