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How much hair grafts i need for transplantation

How much hair graft do I need for transplantation? Most patients asked these types of questions when they go to the clinic. Hence, they receive different answers from different specialists. Every patient has different size of the bald area. Every patient has different goals, and their case is different from others. How much hair grafts do I need for transplantation? the patient should have a consultation with doctor. Further, the doctor decides based on the baldness and donor area size.

Hairs are grown in 1, 2, 3, 4 groups in the donor area. Usually, grow in a group of 2, and this group of hair is called graft. However, people may confuse grafts with a single hair, for instance, 3000 grafts with 3000 individual hairs. Normally 4000 grafts by FUT and 2000 -4000 grafts by FUE can be transplanted in a day. Hence, it means that 8000 by FUT, and 4000-8000 hairs by FUE transplanted in a day. In some cases, we cannot harvest many grafts from the donor area, on the other hand, more grafts required for the bald area. Besides this, the patient should be able to find a difference between how much grafts do I need for transplantation, and how many grafts can extract from the donor area.

How much hair grafts i need for transplantation

How will I know how many grafts do I need? The answer to this question can be determined when you have a deep consultation with your doctor. Furthermore, the factors on which it depends listed below.

Quality of Donor Area

The most important factor we consider during a hair transplant, and this is the area from follicles extracted and transplanted in the bald area. Usually, the donor area is on the backside of the head. The number of follicles depends upon the quality of the donor area of the head.

The hair transplant technique used (FUT and FUE)

The number of grafts depends upon the technique used for hair restoration. Because of the more number of grafts transplanted successfully in FUT or FUE, and the doctor ensures the highest graft survival rate before transplantation. In some clinics, a combination of both FUT plus FUE techniques are used called Combo.

Future hair loss

In your consultation, the doctor should be able to estimate your future baldness.

The Degree of the thinning

This factor will play an important role in hair transplant selection. The number of grafts can successfully extract depends on the quality (thick, thin) of hair.

Patient Goals

Depending on what area the patient wants to transplant, it may be the crown or the hairline decides the number of grafts.

Patient Budget

The patient budget also plays an important role.

How much grafts do I need for transplantation? This question matters a lot for the patients who have the bald area over their heads. Further, those who want to look handsome again and want to gain their confidence should ask this question while having a meeting with the doctor.

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