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Low cost hair transplant

If you live in Lahore Pakistan and have hair fall issues you might be wondering where you might find low cost hair transplant in Lahore. As you might already know hair restoration is a surgical procedure in which you take hair from one part of your body and place it in the spots where there is hair fall i.e. your baldness patches. Before signing up for such a procedure naturally, you might want to know more details about it like what technique is actually used? What are the indications which might tell you that you need to have this procedure done? What are the advantages? Are there side effects and the most important question: what does it cost? Let’s look at each point in a bit of more detail. When we talk about the techniques used for this procedure there are actually two techniques by which this can be done namely FUE and FUT.

Both techniques might be available in the domain of low cost hair transplant in Lahore. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the method in which follicular units are taken out surgically from the donor site and then placed into the area where hair loss occurs. FUT or Follicular unit transplant is the process in which the whole strip of hair-bearing skin is removed and then individual follicular units are extracted for transplantation into the hair loss area. These two methods are commonly used and have the highest success rate.

Before searching for a low cost hair transplant in Lahore you might want to ask yourself if you even need such a procedure and are you in need of it. This is actually pretty easy to judge as a clear indication that you might need the procedure if you are having a hair fall problem or not. If you are have baldness or patches have appeared on your head then you should consider this possibility. Additionally, you can also consult a doctor and ask for his recommendation on if you should get the procedure done or not.

There are a couple of advantages to these procedures. The first one is obviously that these methods are safe and have a very high success rate. If you are looking for a low cost hair transplant in Lahore then the second advantage is right in front of you that it has low cost and will probably be in your budget. The procedures are painless only local anesthetic is required. There are individual advantages of both techniques as well. For FUE it does not leave a linear scar as with FUT and is good for people who want to keep their hair short. It is more effective in small transplants so it is more suitable for patients that are young and require fewer grafts. For FUT it is suitable for people who are required to have a large number of grafts, have a short surgery time, and has a comparatively lower cost than FUE. Due to latest advances in Follicular unit extraction technique now surgeon can take more grafts as compare to traditional FUT technique.

After all this, you might be tempted to get yourself registered right away but before looking for a low cost hair transplant in Lahore you should also know about potential side effects of the procedure. Although the methods described above are very safe and there is little to no chance of side effects, it is not impossible. So some side effects that you might have to deal with are infection, crust, itching or swelling, hair follicles inflammation, loss of sensation in the vicinity of surgical sites. After these careful considerations if you want to have the procedure then cost is the next big question so in low cost hair transplantation in Lahore may be in the range from Rs. 50,000-70,000 with going as low as Rs.20-30 per graft and as high as Rs. 100-110 per graft. It also depends on the surgeon and what he might charge. If you have made up your mind about going through with the procedure then you should search around and find the best surgeon and institution that will fit your budget.