Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a process that has become increasingly evident in most men of the world. Boys as young as twenty years of age are under-pressure due to their falling hair, and seek ways to somehow stop this mishap. Experts have been researching this issue for quite some time now and have finally come up with a bunch of solid reasons to support the causes of this occurrence.

Male pattern baldness is basically referred to shedding of scalp hair in a particular pattern. The problem either starts from the temples or the crown of an individual’s head. The problem then further escalates and the hairline starts to get affected. Gradually, the shedding gets severe and the density of hair keeps decreasing, unless the baldness becomes visible. Sometimes when spots of baldness appear randomly on the scalp; this is also regarded as male pattern baldness. Most of the time, the people who are affected by this disorder are the ageing men. The baldness and empty head-spots usually become evident after 50 years of age, however, there are exceptions to this as well. Age is just one factor which triggers this disease; there are numerous other factors which also contribute to this condition and has become a headache for many men across the globe.

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Recently, experts have come up with a handful reasons for male pattern baldness. One of the major and most credible causes of this issue is genetics. As per research, the most occurring reason for hair fall amongst men is because it runs in their genes. However, other reasons can be attributed to baldness cases. Hormonal disorders are the major contributors to baldness and hair fall amongst men. Imbalance of hormones can be caused by a number of reasons, stress being top of the list. Moreover, experts sometimes link nutritional deficiency due to the change in food patterns. Furthermore, another instance where hair fall occurs is due to certain diseases, such as thyroid and cancer could lead to hair fall in men. However, still the most dominant reason which causes hair fall and baldness is ageing. Each hair follicle has a life-cycle. When one follicle expires, another one grows in its place, however, overtime this process becomes complacent and the nutrients leading to hair growth exhaust, thus causing the problem with increasing age.

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Male pattern baldness is something that needs to be seriously considered by the masses. It has become a condition highly prevalent in the majority of the men in the world. It is calamitous as hair is a vital part of one’s body and helps give them confidence and molds their personality. A loss of hair could  cause many psychological issues and low self-confidence. However, thankfully, many treatments are available to rescue balding men, ranging from usage of medicines to getting hair surgeries i.e. hair transplants. Moreover, such conditions occurring in younger individuals could be alarming and should be reported to a health-professional as they could be the early symptoms of much more fatal and hazardous conditions. If you are facing hair loss or hair problem or alopecia problem, fortunately Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is providing a Free consultation and check up at his hair transplant clinic in Lahore. He is a best hair loss treatment specialist in Lahore , qualified from France and has more than twenty years experience.