Mesotherapy Treatment Lahore


Mesotherapy hair loss treatment in Lahore is available at most of the places. Mesotherapy is a technique in which vitamins and proteins injected through injection into the mesodermal layer of the scalp. Nutrients supplied to the root of hairs that help the roots to grow stronger and thicker. The nutrients play the role of the fertilizer for hair. Most of the people are getting PRP and mesotherapy treatment in Lahore that is successful and beneficial in regrowth of healthy hairs. In PRP, blood is extracted from the individual body and then centrifuged. Then it is processed by adding growth factors and cytokines for better results. The growth factor has the capability of synthesis, proliferation, enhancement of hair. Mesotherapy is a similar technique to PRP. But it is a little expensive. This method does not involve the extraction of blood but comes up with the same results as in the PRP technique.

Mesotherapy hair loss treatment clinic Lahore Pakistan

Hair treatment procedure is an invasive and non-surgical procedure. Especially mesotherapy procedure performed through injection. Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore known to be the best surgeon. He can provide you all of the information before hair loss treatment. In mesotherapy hair loss treatment in Lahore, local anesthesia given by the administers so you may not feel any pain during the procedure. Then nutrients injected to the portion of the bald scalp where it is needed. For better results, multiple sessions performed. Almost 5-6 sessions needed to complete this procedure. 1 cc syringe used to inject nutrients into the scalp. This procedure comes up with a 60% to 80% result.

An effective cocktail is necessary for a mesotherapy solution. But there is a lack of research to find out which cocktail is best to aid in hair growth. Cocktail contains two to three agents that help in mesotherapy. These are different pharmaceuticals, bioactive agents, enzymes, hormones, and vitamins. Correctness and improvement depend upon which method used for hair treatment. Mesotherapy hair loss treatment in Lahore ranges at different prices depending upon the area where you go for treatment. Its first session with PRP starts from 20,000 and almost, 5-6 sessions required for the complete procedure. Mesotherapy has attracted people from recent years due to its publicity. Its importance is also in body contouring and skin aging that increases the curiosity of people.

Mesotherapy treatment in Lahore

Mesotherapy hair loss treatment in Lahore is a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment, performed to treat problem areas of the face, body, and in other cases used to treat thinning of hairs. The injections of Hyaluronic acid given to the epidermis or mesoderm to boost cell activity or to increase the nourishment of cells. Skin conditions treated with mesotherapy are;

  • Dull skin
  • Wrinkles at face
  • Hair thinning
  • stretch marks
  • loss of glow
  • loss of tone

So the benefits achieved by the mesotherapy are:-

  • Skin elasticity improved by the treatment
  • Safely treat all skin problems
  • Helps to lessen the wrinkles at the face with growing age
  • Improvement in the skin complexion and skin tone get fair
  • Boost overall skin performance
  • Treat hair loss successfully with 90% results. Hair regrowth nourishes

This treatment in Lahore is available easily and in the range of an average person. To get an appointment call or whatsApp +92-333-430-9999