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Prices of hair transplantation Lahore Pakistan


The prices of hair transplantation in Lahore Pakistan vary from clinic to clinic. The demand for implantation is increasing day by day because many people are suffering from hair fall problems. The prices of hair transplantation in Lahore range from 70,000 to 90,000 thousand depending upon the multiple factors such as surgical procedure you have chosen, the quantity of grafts, which doctor is doing this  surgery for regrowing your hair, the doctor and the assistants of the doctor fees that are working as a team member, the surgeon’s skills, education, and expertise level. lab charges, the fees of the medicine that are required during the implant process ,or the clinic you have gone to do this process, which tools are needed for the closing of the wound, and the number of sessions is required to cover your bald head with hair.

Average prices of hair transplantation in Lahore Pakistan

The cost of implantation is out of reach previously and insurance companies do not pay for these cosmetic processes. Highly recommended doctors will charge you more because they believe in their skills and art. Only higher class families can pay for these surgeries easily. The prices of hair transplantation in Lahore also include the costs of recovery medicine along with treatment costs. Hair replacement surgeries are affordable procedures. The most common and the best promising Follicular unit extraction surgery costs range from seventy thousand to two lacs based on per hair follicle transplant. The treatment cost is cheap and affordable in Lahore, Pakistan if we compare it with other countries. Well, there is a misconception about baldness is a disease but this is completely wrong. It is not a disease. It occurs because of inheritance and its social trouble. Genetic or hormonal can be the main cause of alopecia.

Below prices are valid for top 5 surgeons or clinics in Lahore Pakistan who have more than 15 to 20 years experience in hair restoration surgery field. 

Prices of hair transplantation in Lahore Pakistan

Below prices are charged by those surgeons/doctors/ clinics who have 1 to 3 years experience or starter 

Hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

Any sufferer can lose self-confidence or self-respect so the treatment of this problem is imperative to gain the confidence back. Hair surgeons can do 2000-3500 grafts per day. The best time for getting transplantation done is when baldness becomes visible all over the head or any part of the scalp. The other technique strip or FUT is also commonly known as Follicular unit transplant is less expensive than the latest process FUE. Middle-class people separate money from their monthly income for paying the surgeon’s fee and to increase hair on the thinner area of the scalp. They can pay for this surgical method. Some consultants also offer treatment packages that are reasonable both for the client and the doctor.

Cosmoderma hair transplant clinic Prices cost in Lahore

Factors contributing cost 

The prices of hair transplantation in Lahore is based on the calculation of resources, needs, tools, expenses, availability of tools, drugs, and timing. The FUE is a microscopic or time taking process therefore it is more costly than the FUT mode. The hybrid method which is the combination of both FUE and FUT is generally less used in the modern technology era. Various surgeons or clinics are available in every area or market that is producing high-quality results in hair restoration surgeries but always do research and consultation before selecting the best doctor. You can also compare the cost and packages with different clinics. However if you want to get an instant reply and quotation then send your hair loss area photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 where our specialist will give you professional and honest opinion.

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