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Repair hair transplant Gujrat

Fixing bad hair transplant results Gujrat Patient | Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry Lahore 

Patient Mr. FAS got a hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan a few years back. However, due to less density of thickness and wrong direction of the transplanted hair, he decided to get his previous procedure repaired from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic in Lahore. After initial evaluation and consultation, it was decided, patient did not have enough donor area so an initial estimate of scalp donor area grafts were 1800-2400 made. Keeping in mind his less grafts yield , recipient area was marked to add more density or thickness. Patient had his first procedure through the FUT hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan  and he does not want to go for a strip procedure any more and traveled to our clinic.

After initial laboratory reports and checkup, recipient and donor area marked. The procedure was started at 11.00 am and finished around 5 pm.

Procedure date  04 Oct 2021
Age  41 years 
Repair area Frontal 
Technique  F.U.E.
Dr. Ahmad 
Surgeon contact  +92-333-430-9999

poor hair transplant results Gujrat Pakistan

Shave before Fue procedure

Scalp- beard grafts extraction Pakistan

4122 grafts hair transplant Gujrat Pakistan patient

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