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Fue hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan 

People travel from different cities of Pakistan for Fue hair transplant in Lahore where  most experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offer permanent restoration of lost hair.  Its not a dream rather reality of modern medical science that incision and scalpel free hair transplant is possible. It can restore hair of scalp as well as other parts of the body. Eyebrow and eyelashes hair restoration is possible through minimal invasive procedure called follicular unit extraction. Donor area follicles are extracted with tiny punches 0.8 mm to 1.00 mm size and these harvested follicles are transplanted to the recipient site. These tiny punches do not leave visible scars and in a few days time,regrowth of hair from donor area start. Body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is carried out by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in selected cases those with poor or inadequate donor area. BHT is also good option for those patients who have tight scalp or skin.

 FUE treatments are introduced in early 2000s and experts are still working on it. Two transplantation methods are available to perform hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad . Both of these methods have different pros and cons. Follicular unit transplantation is the traditional method of hair restoration and it is also known as strip surgery. In this method, a strip is used to remove follicles from the donor area of the scalp. Follicles are separated from each other and surrounding tissue under a binocular microscope by an expert member of surgeon’s team. Recipient’s sites are created in bald area of the scalp. Separated follicles are transplanted into these recipient sites. Stitches, stainless staples and sutures are used to close the wounds of donor area. Recovery time is not more than a few days depending upon the health of patient.

Follicular unit extraction is the latest and newly emerged procedure of hair transplant in Pakistan as well as abroad. In this treatment, follicles are harvested by surgeon individually. Tiny round punch less than one millimeter is used to extract follicles by making small incisions on the scalp. Harvested follicles are later transplanted into recipient area through same process followed in follicular unit transplant. This method is gaining popularity because it does not leave any linear scar on the skin. Hundred of tiny white wounds remain on skin after the procedure, but they are not visible. As compared to other treatments of baldness, surgical hair replacement is an affordable treatment to get confidence back. Average cost required for transplant ranges from one thousand dollars to three thousand dollar. FUT is a conventional, but low cost  method.  Despite heavy costs, people are getting fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan commonly. The procedure is not covered under health insurance like other cosmetic surgeries.

To know more about fue hair transplant , PRP hair loss therapy, Laser hair loss treatment, baldness treatment options, stem cell therapy , hair transplant cost in Pakistan, side effects of hair restoration and expectation after hair transplantation – read about other sections for useful information. Our popular treatments at Lahore clinic are:- FUE-Follicular unit extraction, FUT-Follicular unit transplant, micro grafting, eyebrow transplant, eyelashes transplant, facial or beard hair restoration, body hair transplant. To get an appointment at our hair restoration clinic in Lahore, feel free to write or call us.

Fue hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan


Fue hair transplant clinic Lahore Pakistan

Hair transplant in Lahore