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Hair Restoration


Hair restoration is the technique used to restore your hair at the bald area with no hair or having very thin hair. If your hair is getting thin with time due to different reasons, it may lead to hair fall, and the final result is baldness pattern that can be observed both in males and females. The hair transplant is the best option for such people who are suffering from hair loss problem. The surgery is performed in the Cosmoderma hair restoration clinic in Lahore. The doctor chooses the technique for hair transplant by checking the quantity of hair loss. The following techniques FUE (follicular unit extraction) or FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) may be the better choice. There’s another technique known to be FUT (follicular unit transplantation). In FUSS, the surgeon removes the strip of your scalp and then stitches the scalp closely. This strip is 6-10 inches long. After that, the surgeon cuts the strip into 500-2000 tiny pieces. The number of your graft depends upon the color, quality, thickness of your hair that you want to restore.

Hair Restoration

In the FUE method, the surgeon shaves your bald area and extracts, the small follicles one by one, the area heals slowly. After this, both procedures are the same. When the grafts have prepared, the surgeon cleans the scalp and creates a small hole and inserts the grafts in the hole with a scalpel or needle. The surgeon may need the help of other team members during the hair restoration procedure. You may feel pain after surgery, so you need to take medicines and care after surgery for several days. Your doctor changes the bandage daily, and you can do routine work after 1-2 days. Some people may have swelling, and infection at transplanted follicles in such case you should bring notice to your surgeon immediately so that proper treatment or can be advised.

Follicular unit transplant (FUT) is a technique that involves extracting a strip from the back of the scalp. Then cut that strip in small pieces and ultimately grafts. These grafts then transplanted to the bald area. Different types of surgeries performed for hair restoration procedures. These are;

  • eyebrow restoration
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Frontal hair line reconstruction
  • Beard and Mustache hair transplant surgery
  • Scarring and burn alopecia surgery

If the donor’s hair is not sufficient at the back of the scalp, then body hair transplantation can be performed. Hair removed from the chest, thighs, arms, then transplanted to the bald area. Typically people with hair restoration methods have the opportunity to regrow their natural look hair. The new hair may be more dense and attractive depending upon the genetic, hair quality, scalp incision, and care. If you do not take medicines properly after the transplant procedure, then you have the chance to lose hair in the future. Hair surgery procedure is suitable for those who have

  • male pattern baldness
  • extremely thin hair of women
  • baldness due to burning or injury

It is not suitable

  • for those women who have excessive hair loss
  • people who have poor donor sites
  • people whose hair loss is due to chemotherapy
  • people who have hair transplant before and less donor area
  • for those who have thick scars after surgery

Hair transplant is a successful procedure, and there are 90% chances of getting back natural hairs. New hairs start growing within 3-4 months after transplant. If you want to get an honest and professional opinion send your bald area photos through WhatsApp +923334309999 and get an instant reply. 

Which clinic is performing the best hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan?

Our clinic is performing hair loss & baldness treatment in Lahore for the last 21 years with modern and state of the art equipment.

What is the cost range of hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan?

The average cost or price of the procedure is 60,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee in a reputed and well known clinic where the procedure is performed by a foreign qualified surgeon.