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Hair transplant Mian Channu

Hair transplant Mian Channu patient traveled to our clinic and got his frontal baldness treatment from foreign qualified surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Initially the patient started shedding and tried different products to stop hair fall. Despite different lotions, medicines , hair fall continues and ultimately visible male pattern baldness in the front area of the head. Then the patient started to get information from the internet for the remedy of his problem. He searched the best clinics, doctors and the best solution for hair regrowth. He sent his photos to different clinics in Lahore, Bahawalpur and Multan and finally selected our clinic due to following reasons.

1- He got all professional information and honest advice
2- Patient saw enough before and after photos in the photo gallery and our staff sent him by email
3- Foreign qualified & experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
4- Natural hairline so that nobody can detect un naturalness in it
5– Maximum density in the hairline area or dense packing

Hair transplant Mian Channu patient details 

Procedure date09 Dec 2014
Patient age30 years
PlanFrontal area
Donor areaBack and sides of head
Punch size0.9 mm
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry


Hair loss treatment Mian Channu Khanewal patient

Hair transplant Mian Channu patient

Common hair restoration techniques 

There are two popular techniques for surgical treatment of baldness called FUE & FUT. Both techniques are excellent and produce good results if performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon. However, FUE — follicular unit extraction is the latest innovation and getting popularity all over the world due to quick recovery, no stitches and no more linear scar as in FUT technique. 

Hair transplant cost 

The cost of Baldness treatment is different in different cities as every doctor does not have the same experience and qualification. Those doctors who are foreign qualified and experienced will charge more as compared to starters. Similarly bigg cities have more charges and better quality of the procedure as compared to small cities. 

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