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Hair loss treatment


Hair loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered in the initial stage of receding hairline differently in teenagers as compared to Norwood class 6 or 7 baldness.  The remedy is necessary if you do not want to become completely bald and stop this condition right there. Sometimes, getting a therapy not only stop it but also lead to complete recovery of the growth. Although it has a genetic aspect i.e. run in families, but many other disorders are associated with its cause. A timely diagnosis of this condition is very essential because less efforts will be required to stop it in the early stages. Hair loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered in the initial stage of receding hairline different in teenage as compare to Norwood class 6 or 7 baldness.

hair loss treatment

Best hair loss treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Before prescribing a remedy, doctors often advice their patients to change their routine habits because many bad habits are associated with weakening of hair which causes them to fall ultimately. They ask the patients to take proper diet, do exercises and yoga, avoid frequent shampooing and rough handling like combing harshly or binding them tightly etc, stop using hot air dressers and other fashion products like dyes, gels, sprays etc. If these instructions do not improve the condition, doctors go toward medical therapies. It is very important to find the underlying cause as the type of therapy depends upon it. If it is occurring due to some nutritional deficiencies, doctors prescribe food supplements like essential amino acids, zinc, copper, iron and multivitamins. Sometimes, patient is suffering from medical disorder and the drugs he is taking for that disease is actually causing his baldness. Usually it is seen with chemotherapeutic drugs. In that case, the problem gets resolved spontaneously when the patient stops taking those drugs.


The best medicine for hair fall control in Lahore 

The initial remedy starts from medications. Doctors prescribe immune suppressors like corticosteroids when the underlying cause is an autoimmune disorder in which the body has started producing antibodies against its own cells and follicles. Several medicines are available which are prescribed by the doctors for treating this condition, for instance, minoxidil sprays and finasteride etc. Minoxidil causes vasodilation of blood vessels and increases the blood supply to the follicles, thus increasing the nutrients supply. On the other hand, finasteride is also effective because decreases the production of DHT hormone which is responsible for weakening the follicles and causing male pattern baldness. Besides these medicines, some other therapies are also available. If all these things do not solve the problem, the last resort is hair transplantation.

Hair loss treatment is very important and it may save a person from becoming completely bald, if done timely. Many people seeks such therapies, who are very much conscious about their looks and beauty, and do not afford to get completely bald. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that there are different kinds of therapies available now as a solution of this problem but the therapy depends upon underlying cause. An early diagnosis and therapy not only stop this problem but also help in gaining back the growth on the scalp. If you are facing thinning or shedding problem send us baldness or hair thinning area photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and our expert and professional team will help you for assessment and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is the best hair loss treatment in Lahore?

The best medicine is Minoxidil and Finasteride.  Permanent option or remedy is hair transplant surgery in case medicines do not work.

What is the best remedy for females hair fall control?

Mostly like female hair thinning is due to iron deficiency anemia and Vitamin D insufficiency or other hormonal disorders. Normally female condition is treatable after proper diagnosis.

What is the cost range of the best hair loss treatment in Lahore?

The cost for medicine is 2000 to 3000 and for hair restoration surgery cost range from 90,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupees.

How to get an appointment?

To get an appointment from the best clinic you can call or contact through WhatsApp 

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