Hair loss treatment for women in Lahore

The problem of hair loss in the women is being suffered silently by them, as by hiding the thin hair or the patches using different hairstyles. Around 5% of the women under the age of 30 and about 60% of the women under the age of 70 are affected by the hair loss problem. Our clinic is offering successful treatment for hair loss in Lahore Pakistan by an experienced foreign qualified doctor.

General form of hair loss in women

There is an inherited strong genetic module that is the major cause of female hair loss pattern. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia, which starts at the late teens and becomes severe with the passage of time. The receding hairline or a bald spot on the top part of the scalp like in men is not the case with female hair loss instead the crown starts to become visibly thin. In women, the hairs are miniaturized due to the abbreviated growth cycle, in which the hair stays on the scalp for a small period of time. When the ponytail becomes smaller along with widening of their parts, the women start noticing the first sign of their hair thinning.

Treatment of hair loss for women

Hair loss can be faced by women due to genetic inheritance, harmful treatments, heating by using straightening and curling machines or applying bad quality products to the scalp, even the medical condition in which the woman’s self-esteem is blown. There are certain medical treatment that can help solve the issue of permanent hair loss. Knowing the fact that a person naturally loses 100-150 strands a day is very important. It takes a period of 2-6 years for each hair to grow and after going through a short inactive period falls out as the follicle shove through a new hair. When the old hairs are not replaced by the new one or the new hair are coming out in sections, then it is a matter of concern.

Using hair extensions can be one of the treatment for temporary solution. There are clip-in extensions with small comb attached to the existing hair and can be removed every night. Permanent extensions can be added by the professional hair stylist by using braiding, weaving and bonding with glue, lasting two to six months.

Minoxidil is a medicine that help in the treatment of permanent hair loss caused due to heredity. This treatment has a lot of side effects like weight gain, fast and irregular heartbeat, swelling of feet and lower legs, bloating, shortness of breath and flushing or redness of skin. So one must consult the doctor first before undergoing this treatment. Sometimes this may cause facial hair regrowth as side effects of Minoxidil.

Surgical procedures that are suitable for women, is another way to treat this problem. Hundreds of follicles are removed and grafted into balding area, while undergoing the hair transplant surgery. Fue hair transplant is another least invasive in nature procedure offered. Hair loss in women can be treated naturally by exercising the blood circulation of scalp.  If you want to know steps of female hair transplant performed in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, see pictures below. Popular treatments:- Fue-follicular unit extraction, FUT-follicular unit transplant, PRP treatment for female hair thinning, eyebrow , frontal hair transplant in female patients.

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