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How much it cost for hair transplant in pakistan

How much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan- Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution for baldness. The city of Lahore in Pakistan is a famous destination for this surgery. The main reason for the heavy influx of patients is the low cost and excellent result quality.

Lahore Pakistan is an attraction for all the people who are looking for a permanent solution for those who suffer from hair loss. The surgeon performs this procedure under local anesthesia and uses a certain method to extract hair from one area of good growth and plants them on the balding area. The method of extraction can be the strip harvest or the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The former method is used to cut out a strip of hair from the scalp or any other area where the hair growth is very good. The wound of the strip is then stitched together or stapled and this leaves a permanent scar. The FUE method uses the extraction of hair follicles one by one. The plantation in the strip harvest is done after dividing the strip into smaller grafts. The FUE method uses individual follicles to plant. The whole procedure is easy for the patient since there is not much recovery period required nor is there any side effects. The patients hailing from any other country or city can easily stay for a few days in the city where they are getting the treatment and then travel back. The surgery does not hinder any regular routine chores for the patient and there is no pain or discomfort normally. People from all over the world consider hair surgery due to its long lasting results but since this procedure is expensive, there are many people who cannot opt for it. In western countries, the cost of a hair transplant surgery is between $4,000 and $15,000. The hair transplantation surgery in Lahore Pakistan costs many times less, as it falls between $2,000 and $3,000. This is of course a rough amount that is needed for cases which vary in the amount of work that needs to be done. In case of little baldness, the amount that the person has to pay will of course be much lesser than in case there is more baldness. The surgeons in Lahore Pakistan are extremely qualified and skilled due to which the results of surgery are not at all a worry. In fact, patients from all over the globe feel at ease when being treated in Lahore Pakistan. The hair transplantation in Pakistan cost is a big factor for people since the cost and end results are the only two factors that need to be considered before any procedure. The cosmetic surgeries such as the hair surgery are not an inexpensive procedure since it depends more on the human skill than reliance on instruments and medicines. The whole procedure is done under the simplest environment and this is why the surgeon’s choice is the most important step of the procedure. An experienced surgeon can conduct the procedure better while the patient just has to sit in a chair and do not go through any serious side effects later. Lahore Pakistan is a good place since accommodation and travel expenses here are also less, which makes the whole package affordable for people coming in from other countries and cities. Before any procedure, the patient must gather basic information about it and find a good deal about the surgeons available. This is extremely important for better outcomes and a satisfied look.

How much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan very less when compared to other countries. The surgeons here are also some of the best in the world and that is why there is a large number of people who come to Lahore for this surgery.

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