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How much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan


How much hair transplant cost in Pakistan? Is a such a question that arises in the mind of every person facing the problem of baldness. There are a lot of confusions among the people who want to get them free from their bald looks and want to get the treatment for this problem about the expenditures and fees of treatments. They want to know about the fees of transplant specialists and the centers or clinics. They want to know which technique is cheap and reliable, and which one is much expensive. The best way to resolve these confusions and fuss, they have to analyze all the techniques. For this purpose, there is a brief description about the expenditures of baldness treatment and surgery, clinics in Pakistan and the fees of specialists. How much hair transplant cost in Pakistan? Is a serious topic and this is understood by analyzing various techniques and their fees.

How much hair transplant cost in Pakistan

How much hair transplant cost in Pakistan? Can be asked for various techniques, Major techniques are FUT and FUE. The procedure is similar to those which are being done in many other countries. FUT is relatively older method which is also known as strip excision method. In this method, a strip of skin is excised from the donor area of the same female or male patient, typically the back of the head. The follicles containing grafts units are treated out from specific strip, and are then planted into the skin of that recipient area. But there are some problems of this technique. Therefore, the strip of skin is excised, stitches are needed to meet the ends of the remaining skin. It causes a huge linear scar left behind even after the whole recovery. FUE is the latest process and is expensive as compared to FUT because of its advantages and better outcomes. FUT known as strip excision method, is an older procedure and is a lot faster than FUE. In this procedure, a strip of skin bearing graft follicles is detached and later follicles are separated from that piece of skin. Therefore, less expertise and care needed in this technique. Larger linear incisions are given which leave scar marks at the end of treatment. Due to these problems and disadvantages, FUT is a much cheaper treatment as compared to FUE. Cheapest Treatment in Pakistan is FUT as for a session consisting of 4000 grafts, the charges of FUT is Rs 55,000 while on the other hand; the expenses of FUE is Rs 70,000 for the same number of graft units. For FUT, it is really cheap but technique is less significant.

Hair transplant Pakistan before after


Now, specifically for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 400,000.It is a very modern procedure and is preferred over other conformist methods, which for the first time took place in almost 1990s. Doctors discovered a new method to extract follicles after observing that patients feel unnecessary pain due to the cutting of large bands of scalp. This system started gaining much reputation since early 2000s and now it becomes preferable over other methods. In this method which is highly proven and invasive outpatient procedure, follicular unit grafts containing small number of follicles are individually removed from the donor’s stronger areas of skull and very professionally reinstated to the recipient’s thinning and bald areas. It is very calm method for the patients as the donor areas heal in just a few days due to the facts behind it, there are no scars and stitches. These in Pakistan and also all over the world use this method for the recreation of permanent and natural looking result. The charges depend on few things such as how much follicles are being restored, which specialist you are consulting and which clinics you have chosen. The charges mainly rely upon the number of grafts. The small sessions comprise of less than 1000 graft units and the unit charges for each graft is Rs 100. The medium and large sessions consist of 1500 and more than about 1500 graft units, respectively and per graft unit price goes down accordingly. How much cost of Hair Transplant in Pakistan could be cheap or expensive on the basis of conditions of bald patients and patients’ luxuries.

Our hair transplantation clinic in Pakistan prices depends upon number of grafts (roots). The number of graft units tell us the estimated charges of surgery. The number of graft units rely on the need of the patient. If patient has a complaint of baldness in a small area of the head, less grafts are needed. If the patient is completely bald, more grafts units are required to be extracted from the donor site and planted at the recipient area. It can be seen as the total price made on the basis of charges per unit graft. The high charges also depend upon the specialist doctor you are consulting and from which facilitation center you are getting your treatment. As these actions are very delicate, the efficiency and skills of the specialists matter a lot. That’s why, it is advised to consult good doctors and specialists. The higher the expertise and surgery skills of the doctor are, the higher will be the charges, and vice versa. How much cost of Hair transplant in Pakistan varies as the more popular the facilitation center is, the higher will be the money demanded for the procedure, and vice versa.

How much cost of hair transplant in Pakistan? has differences depending upon the methods used for this purpose. There are typically two ways of this surgical treatment. One method is FUT and other is FUE as we have discussed before. FUE is the updated way and is expensive as compared to FUT because of its several advantages and better outcomes. In first one, grafts are plucked out from the skin of donor area by the aid of special instruments after giving small and circular incisions. It needs more time for completion and demands delicacy. The price is high for FUE because of these advantages and less for FUT. If you want to get a quotation / estimate you may visit our clinic or send us close up photos via WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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