How much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan

Probably the most frequently asked question is how much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan? Well, the price of treatment varies depending on each case.They are presented in approximate price ranges because it is calculated based on the number of grafts that are transplanted, the chosen technique, and the individual variables of each patient that can condition the difficulty and time.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

In Pakistani society, bald people often hear taunts as if not having hair on their head has become a crime for them. If hair falls out in youth and baldness appears on the head, then people make fun of it in the society and people start shying away from going to parties due to embarrassment. In modern times, the process of hair regrowth has gained a lot of popularity in the developing and developed countries of the world, including Europe, while it is also started gaining popularity in Pakistan.

However, the vast majority of men in the crowded but dusty streets of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa capital have long beards and long hair. In such a situation, any bald man not only looks very different but also faces social satire, jokes, and ridicule. Large advertisements can be seen everywhere on the streets of Peshawar, in which people suffering from baldness in the past have been promoting some of the other organization that puts on artificial hair. These advertisements convey the message that having hair on the head is a sign of masculinity and any bald citizen can look beautiful again by getting treatment. At first, hair transplant clinics didn’t last long. The number of patients was not very high as most of the people doesn’t know how this treatment work and how much it cost for hair transplant in Pakistan. But then, due to the former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, this trend began to increase.

How does it begin in Pakistan?

In Pakistan it gained prominence in 2007 when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returned home from exile. His head hair surprised people because when his government was overthrown in 1999, his hair was very short. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry has performed this treatment on about 8,000 patients since 2000. In comparison, they treated only a thousand such patients. Interestingly, these patients include women and young girls. In Pakistani society, women with baldness or excessive hair loss face more sarcasm and ridicule than men, and it is therefore normal for the person concerned to feel inferior.

A total of about 120 clinics are currently operating in Pakistan, according to AFP. There are twelve of them in Lahore. When we talk about how much it cost for Hair transplant cost in Pakistan then it relies of various factor.Normally, hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 75000 Rs to 150,000 Pak rupees and It is also a fact some need less than 1500 grafts while the bigger areas may need more than 4000 grafts, the price will be different accordingly in both cases. So, there is no fixed price of this treatment in Pakistan.

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