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Hair transplants Canary Islands

Hair transplants in Canary Islands

Hair transplants are commonly found in all other countries around the globe. These are the permanent solution of baldness and hair loss problems. These treatments can also be obtained form Canary Islands. Patients from different countries came here to get their surgery. Canary Islands are an archipelago that is owned by Spanish Government. It consists of fifteen other small islands in the territory. They have perfect climate and natural locations that attracts thousands of tourists. It is estimated that approximately twelve million visitors annually came here to visit these islands. All types of hair treatments are available in these islands. Hair restoration is also offered to those suffering from hair loss and baldness. These surgical treatments are available to the residents and the people coming from abroad. They use hair follicles that are transferred from one part of the scalp to another.  Like other parts of the Spain, best health care facilities are offered to the people of these territories. People from various countries of the world came here to get the treatment. They want to get their hair restoration surgery and to enjoy the travel vacations. People from other cities of Spain also came here for their surgical treatment. These treatments are provided by the surgeons that are expert in performing the hair implanation surgeries. Most of the surgeons have years of experience in this surgical field. They are performing these treatments on the patients from last many years. They can accurately perform this operation without giving any long term side-effects to the patients. They also take care that patients should have less risks of transplant failure after the treatment. They have also the relevant specialization degree in this implantation field. They also need to obtain license from government of Spain to perform these surgical restorations on the patients.

The clinics in these islands that are providing the surgical treatments to the patients also meet all the international set standards by World Health Organization and various hair loss societies. They have good hygiene in their rooms and operation theaters. They also use the modern technologies in performing the surgical operations. They have latest instruments to sue during the surgery. Patients can have access to them by visiting their official website. They can find their relevant contact numbers and addresses from these websites. They help them in finding about the history and background of the clinic. They can also check the before and after photos of patients who have gone through the treatment in the pats in these clinics. Through this way they can find that whether they want treatment form a clinic or not. They are required to fill an online form on the website and the authorities of clinics will contact them within seven days. There are two methods of hair transplantation treatments that are offered to the patents. One of these is the most traditional and oldest treatment. It is known as strip surgical method or follicular unit transplant. This procedure, hairs are extracted from the scalp in form of a strip. Once the hairs are extracted, they are placed under a microscope from where they got separated from each other. This method is cheap hair surgery available in Canary Islands. This method is helpful for those that want to obtain hair surgery on cheap price.

The other method is also there that is known as follicular unit extraction. This treatment is also found in some clinics that are dealing exclusively with these treatments. There are few surgeons there that can accurately perform these treatments on the patients. This is the most expensive hair surgical treatment found there. Surgeon need to spend much time and effort on performing a single FUE session. He needs to extract the hair follicles one by one from the donor area of the scalp. Initial consultancy sessions are free in every clinic. Patients can also get price estimate form he surgeons during these sessions. Despite the Hair Transplants in Canary Islands is found on same cost as in other parts of Spain, but people usually prefer to visit Madrid to get the surgical treatment.There is recent trend of cosmetic surgery abroad or medical tourism. Mostly people travel to low cost destination for cosmetic surgery procedure and hair transplant in Pakistan cost you 70-80% low including return ticket.

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