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Hair transplant success rate

Hair transplant is more effective and successful as compared to counter hair regrowth products. The hair transplant success rate depends upon different factors. Almost in ten to eighty per cent cases hairs fully grow back to estimated length through the surgical hair loss treatment. The hair restoration surgery is expensive, but you have to invest these expenses only once in life to get the appropriate result. The people who have thin hair follicles are not more effective, and the success rate is not much more significant because the donor area affects the success of the procedure. Hair transplant success rate also depends upon the surgeon you chose and type of technique. It also depends upon your care and your healing power.

Right view after hair transplant results

Factors affect on hair transplant success rate:

There are different factors which have a significant effect on success rate. Some of the elements are mentioned below.

1.     Choice of Doctor:

The success rate of many operations and surgery depend on the doctor. In any medical process, the competent doctor plays a significant role. Similarly, for hair restoration, an experienced and skilled doctor plays a crucial role where the doctor should be able to deal with different types of cases. Doctors can predict the final results and success of the procedure. Larger the number of patients a doctor deals with the more experience he gains. For a successful results, you should need to choose a competent doctor.

2.     Process best for your hairs:

To which problem you are suffering from; baldness, hair fall, thin hairs or any other issue. You have to choose the right technique for your problem. The choice of right treatment is the key to the success of the treatment. Moreover, the method you choose, you should need an expert doctor for this technique. The technique which is suitable for most patients is FUE. There are many techniques in which surgery is not required. Many people who can’t bear surgery should use techniques like DHI.

Why follicular unit extraction hair transplant

3.     Medical test before baldness treatment:

Before going through surgery, you should know whether you are suffering from any disease or not. Because if you are a healthy person, then hair implant surgery has more chances to be successful. Therefore, you should perform a different medical test before undergoing baldness surgical treatment. Make it sure that you don’t have a disease that affects hair transplant success rate.

4.     Affect of Donor:

For any procedure donor areas have a significant role. The donor area should be healthy, and the donor area should be available in the best condition for excellent results because Donor area is preferably the basic principle in the final outcome. The doctor should know about the readiness of the donor area. Determination and recognition of the donor zone is the duty of a doctor.

5.     Keep balance:

The doctor should keep a balance between the density of the donor area and baldness area. The doctor should take care that there is no space left on the bald scalp. Achieving a density balance is suitable for successful treatment.

6.     Follicle choice:

Follicle should be extracted from the area from where it is extracted appropriately.

7.     Nature of hairline:

To determine the natural hairline should be accurate for the appropriate result. The determination of the hairline is done through the cooperation of doctor and patient. For creating the final and continuous shape, determination of real nature of hairline is very important.

8.     The second phase of procedure:

There are three phases in which procedure is done. In the second phase, in which slits are open, this phase needs accuracy. It is an essential factor that affects the hair transplant success rate.

9.     Follow instructions:

The patient should follow the instructions of the doctor strictly after surgery. Doctors prescribe some medications and instruction to the patients after transplantation, especially in the initial week of treatment. It is the most critical stage. In this time patients should care about their health and refrain from harmful habits just like smoking, drinking and other factors.

The most successful hair regrowth technique:

There is a technique named as FUE (follicular unit extraction). The FUE hair transplant success rate is much higher than other types of procedures. Everyone who goes under transplant is much concerned about the success rate and final outcome. It is the most advanced restoration technique of baldness. It is less invasive as compared to other traditional methods. Its success rate is higher because, in this process, your hairs are extracted from the area where there is no hair fall. This method is also more preferable because you do not need to stay at the hospital for a long time. You can go home after surgery on the same day. Whenever you go to your doctor you must discuss FUE technique. FUE is a little bit expensive as compared to FUT, but its success rate is much higher and reliable Because excellent result is the aim of every client and doctor. Moreover, the success rate is different from person to person.


Hair loss treatment through surgery is not a complicated operation. The hair transplant success rate is very high. The only thing you need is the choice of an expert doctor. For good quality results, the expert surgeon is required. You have to choose the best and excellent doctor and medical clinic for baldness treatment. Choose the clinic where an elite team of doctors are performing the procedure. In good clinics, doctors and caretakers give great importance to the patients because these patients need extra care and attention. The aftercare is also a significant factor in the final transplant result. Before going through a treatment, you have to do excellent research about the clinics and doctors. For complete hair growth, it takes almost twelve months. Therefore you should be patient for the final result and always follow the precautions of the doctor. Don’t stress yourself because the more you care for yourself more there are chances to recover soon. The best doctor will surely give you the best hair transplant success rate.

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